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Bulk Formers:

Bulk formers are drugs that bind and soak up water in the stool. This action reduces looseness and sometimes frequency of stools as well. A bulk former is somewhat of a commercial form of fiber.

Crohn's disease patients that have relatively mild diarrhea can use these products to control the problem. However, the stool may be more solid, but it may also be more frequent.

Side effects of bulk formers are uncommon. However, some individuals feel bloated and gassy. Many products give off a fine dust when handled. The inhalation of this dust can cause the patient to become allergic and serious reactions may result. Although this is extremely rare, it can be easily avoided by handling the product at arms length.

Bulk formers can be purchased in many different flavors, as powders or granules. Most products are a form of psyllium seed, a natural fiber source. Wheat bran can be equally effective.

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