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What are Crohn's Disease Signs:

A Crohn's disease sign is something a doctor can observe. Many people suffering from Crohn's disease have specific signs (along with symptoms) that strongly indicate Crohn's disease. About 25 percent of patients have an easily felt area of swelling, commonly in the lower right part of the abdomen. Swelling is usually the size of a small grapefruit, and often as firm. The area may be mild to extremely tender. Mild tenderness usually indicates that swelling is the result of inflamed intestine and surrounding tissues and enlarged lymph glands. A marked tenderness may indicate that the swelling is due to a large abscess. The overlying skin may be red and look stretched. Some patients with moderate tenderness may have swelling due to a combination of swollen tissues and an abscess. A thin patient may exhibit visible swelling in the abdomen.

A common Crohn's disease sign is peri-anal disease. This sign occurs in about 25 percent of patients and often takes the form of a fistula, an abnormal connection between two organs, with one or more abscesses. Some patients may have swollen tags of skin around the anus. This is a common Crohn's disease sign. Many healthy people who develop hemorrhoids get skin tags, but swelling of these tags are minimal.

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