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Crohn's Disease Surgery:

Surgery can be done to take out specific areas of the intestine. Surgery does not cure the patient of Crohn's disease, but it may alleviate some of the symptoms. Adjacent areas to the part removed may become inflamed. Patients with Crohn's disease generally need surgery to alleviate symptoms that have shown little progress from medical therapy or to fix complications like abscess, blockage, bleeding, and perforation.

Patients with Crohn's disease in the large intestine may need a colectomy. This procedure is an operation to remove the entire colon. An opening is usually made near the beltline of the lower right area of the abdomen (the opening is also called a stoma). A pouch is needed over the stoma to store waste. The patient takes care and empties the pouch when necessary. Most colectomy patients have normal, active lives.

If only a diseased section of intestine needs to be removed, the patient will not need a stoma. Instead, the operation takes out the diseased section and reconnects the intestine above and below the cut points.

Crohn's disease is known to recur after surgery. Patients should consider the benefits and risks to determine if other treatments are more desirable. Patients are recommended to obtain as much information as possible from medical professionals, enterostomal therapists, and other patients. There are patient advocacy organizations that can help people find information resources and support groups.

Because Crohn's disease may not always be active, many patients find that they can raise families, get jobs, and be successful.

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