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The aim of Crohn's disease therapy is to stop inflammation of the bowel and prevent exacerbations by prolonging remission. Amino salicylates and other drugs are used to reduce inflammation with moderate severity.Dr. Denis Slinkin

If Crohn's disease is serious, connect glucocorticoids, immunosuppressors, biopreparations - drugs of the last class, which contain antibodies to certain molecules that cause inflammation, so says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

When the patient's condition stabilizes, Dr. Denis Slinkin says that the treatment is prescribed to prevent exacerbations of Crohn's disease. It helps to keep the disease under control and achieve long-term remission.

In addition, the patient should definitely quit smoking and stick to good nutrition and exercise. In the treatment of Crohn's disease, the operation is used when medicines do not help or complications arise (intestinal obstruction, strictures, fistulas, boils, perforation of the intestinal wall with the development of peritonitis).

The operation is not a panacea, after removal of the affected part of the intestinal tract may be repeated. However, in some patients, the operation can significantly improve quality of life, reduce the need for constant medication.
Denis Slinkin
To diagnose and treat Crohn's disease, please contact the specialists of the Gastrocentre of the universal clinic "Oberig". The Department of Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery has equipment for performing ileocolonoscopy, which allows to examine from 5 to 100 cm of small intestine.

Often this section of the intestine goes unnoticed. But, in most cases, it is in the lower part of the small intestine begins to develop Crohn's disease. That's why performing an ileocolonoscopy is very important. The procedure is necessarily accompanied by a biopsy, after which the final diagnosis can be made, so says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

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